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Building on her long writing experience which began in the 1980s, Jane writes about Australian and international topics for a wide variety of publications.


Writing about philanthropy and philanthropists


In 1989, Jane became founding editor of Philanthropy, the journal of Philanthropy Australia, the peak body for individual, family and corporate philanthropists. This was the start of writing about philanthropy in Australia, including several short and lively histories of foundations. Because of this experience, Jane was invited by National Australia Bank to become editor of National CommunityLink Magazine. This four-year project recognised the Bank’s social responsibility to the community through the magazine, which profiled and assisted volunteers and not-for-profit organisations.




Leaving school early, Jane later enrolled at night school and studied for university entrance. Encouraged by a wonderful teacher, she gained entry to Monash University. In 1979, Jane graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours, becoming the first person in her family ever to gain a tertiary qualification. She became an English teacher. Some years later, Jane enrolled in a short writing course and began by writing about what she knew. Early articles were published in the Melbourne Herald in 1986 and a year later, she became a full time writer. 


Early Life 


Born in England, Jane travelled to Australia when she was five years old.  As Carmen Miranda, she won the Fancy Dress prize on the RMS Ormonde which led to an awareness of the fun of dressing up and an early appreciation of the rewards of travel.



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